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Gem Therapy

Because of their rarity, they are highly valuable and could only be purchased by the richest and most powerful families . As an expression to this wealth and power even men might wear gemstones on his body. How to buy moldavite?

This precious stone was part of the financial reserve for the medieval and ancient kingdoms. Great rulers had their jewels, pearls, or diamonds set into gold necklaces and crowns. Gemstones were a way for a ruler to stand out and show his wealth and power.

There were many other uses for semi-precious and precious stones. Due to their cut clarity and intrinsic color, gems are supposed to change the flow of light around people. Gem therapists and astrologists believe each person’s aura will depend on his or her birth chart (janam patr), as well as the personality development. The right gemstone will correct personality problems or issues in relationships or career, as well as any other imperfections.

In secret, the ancient kings used magic and other spells to oppose each other, aside from battle fields and diplomacy. This protection was provided by the gemstones. It is long past those times, yet people have great faith in gemstones’ ability to influence a person’s fate and character. It is okay to wear gemstones in spiritual and religious settings, as long as they are not harmful to anyone or themselves. I’ve been told to wear and had worn pearls, sapphires and rubies at different times, usually when my relationships and work are not going as planned or when there is a prolonged spell of sickness.

An aura is influenced by the gemstones that are worn externally, such as necklaces, ear-rings and crowns. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. The information was supplemented in works from different cultures. It is now supported by current research into the physical and chemical properties of gemstones. Astrologers recommend wearing the stones in rings that are specially made to touch the skin.

Here is a list with the Hindi names of some gemstones as well as their healing properties.

1) The pearl (moti), a white gemstone that enhances memory, treats eye-troubles and brings mental peace.

2) Panna (emerald)–a greenstone that can be used to heal heart trouble, nervous system diseases, high blood pressure and problems with the nose.

Hessonite, also known as gomed is an orange-brown-colored stone that can be used to treat acidity and external burns. You can also use it to cool down and ease your body.

4) Ruby, also known as mani–a ruby stone. It elevates the status of a person and makes them socially and joyful. It can be used for stomach problems, ulcers and rheumatism.

5) Munga (or coral)–also an important red stone, which is used in the treatment of diabetes, pimples, blindness or impotency.

Blue Sapphire (neelam), also known as blue sapphire, is a stone which treats nerves and mental disorders and meningitis. It can also be used to treat kidney and bladder problems.

7) A yellow/gold color stone called cat’s eyes (lahsuniya), which is useful for treating all stages of cancer.

8) The transparent diamond (heera), which is a translucent stone, prevents pus formation and mucous. It cures STDs and diabetes.

9) Yellow Sapphire, (pukhraj) – A yellow stone which cures cholera & jaundice. It is also useful for treating problems with the throat and teeth.

They do not have any medical evidence and are only used if the individual believes in them. The list is not complete and should not be used for purchasing or wearing these stones. Astrologers and gem therapists are happy to lend the gemstones for the duration they suggest. It is clear that people get into this business for money. However, there are some trusted astrologers that will return the gemstone if it hasn’t been used.