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Understanding Executive Condominiums

It is designed for professionals who are young and have no access to private property. Executive Condominiums share many similarities with private condos in terms of design and amenities. They are developed by a variety of private developers. Many Executive Condominiums include almost all amenities of condos. A 99-year leasehold is the most significant difference. See Altura EC site plan for get more info.


In order to get a condo unit, there are certain requirements that the buyer has to fulfill. They must either be citizens or permanent residents or both. Just like with the different schemes of public housing, applicants must form part of an established family. To qualify, there is a monthly income limit.


To make this easier, some incentives have been created for people that want to own a Executive Condominium. Housing grants can be set depending on citizenship.

These Executive Condominiums can be found in different parts of the world. A significant aspect of these development is that they can accommodate large numbers of people. Developers also do a great job, and some of their structures are the most stunning ever.

It is not uncommon to find luxurious units in the majority of housing developments. Lands are usually large enough for a variety of different activities. You can choose from studios and units up to 5 bedrooms. They may or not come with a private lift lobby. The project can sometimes include bungalows or semi-detached homes.

Because these units come in different sizes, all types of families or couples can be accommodated.

Another aspect of development is transportation. Many developments are in close proximity to highways and public transport. All residents benefit, but especially those with transportation needs. You can usually find great recreation opportunities near you.

Around these development, there are several malls which are a good place to go for banking, dining and shopping. It’s easy to access all services, thereby improving the overall quality of life.