Finding Wholeness – Balance between Feminine Energies and Masculine Energies

The new year, or the new decade, is a time to reflect on your own lives and make improvements in our lives.

We all have a mix between masculine and feminin energy in a dynamic state. Read more now on iowaska experience.

Linearity, orientation towards goals, mental focus and linearity are the hallmarks of masculine energies.

The feminine energies of the female are circular, involving feeling and emotion. They expand the mind.

Instead of viewing these energies as being gender specific, it is possible to shift the paradigm by looking at them as how the Divine has taken conscious. The beauty of consciousness is its ability to pulsate between contraction and extension. This pulsation can be directly experienced in our everyday lives. This pulsation is occurring microscopically, in each of our cells, as well as cosmically in the lives of other beings.

These energies will become pure energy when they are no longer labeled and rejected by cultural biases. You can then see and act at the spiritual level.

A process of self reflection may be one that involves you reflecting on how these primary energies have manifested in your daily life. How are you managing your job and family affairs? What about your relationship with other people? There are many energies that we have, and each context has its own proportion. There are patterns to be aware of, and then articulate.

Your patterns can be explored and then you can find your way to live your life more effectively by balancing you energies.

You will have a preference for how you approach things in your personal life. Habits are an integral part of our lives. The question is: “Do these habits support your vision in the most effective way?” If not, then it’s up to you develop and cultivate the energy that has been suppressed or neglected to help you integrate yourself. To take an example, if you notice that your decision-making process is more influenced by your emotions than your analysis, this can help you to find integration. You are invited to combine these energies into a divinely synced pulsation.

It is possible to tune into a greater energy that holds all these energies. Your ability to connect with the source of all your energies will improve. It is possible to feel more content and peaceful when you apply this practice. If your energies reach a dynamic equilibrium, your intuition and intelligence will detect this and you will achieve that long-awaited feeling that all human beings desire.

This is the way to balance your life. The integration of primary energies from the universe into one divine relationship. Continue to align yourself with your highest part to bring greater harmony to all parts.

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