Art Of Flower Arrangements

Flowers are an undisputed element of beauty. Flowers are an element of beauty that can be used in any occasion. Flowers arrangement is a fine art. Beautiful blooms are arranged with a variety arrangements to enhance their beauty. They are essential to the atmosphere of important occasions such as weddings, farewells or cocktail parties. You can create a beautiful atmosphere with flower arrangements by using different flowers, foliage, greenery or other flower accessories. Read more now on

This art can be used for more than just celebrations. It can also be used as a decorative tool in homes and offices. An office desk, or a kitchen table at home, deserves beautiful bouquets of brightly colored flowers. The recipient’s likes and dislikes as well as the intended place and occasion must be considered when designing one. The special occasion can be made more memorable by using dried flowers, fresh cut flowers and artificial sticks.

Flowers arrangements can be broadly classified into three styles:

* Oriental

The emphasis is on the flowing lines of the floral arrangement.

* Western

You can use either a bunch or a whole bouquet of flowers as the focal point.

* Modern

This particular style allows the user to be creative and ignores all rules. Unlimitless patterns can be created by considering the size, shape and color of the flowers.

Basic principles for designing a bouquet of flowers:

Flower arrangements are not governed by any specific rules. It’s all about imagination, availability, and creating vibrant bouquets. However, it is important to understand a few fundamental principles while doing this.

* Design

The design of an arrangement includes the determination of the structure that will be used depending on the context, the occasion and the available materials. It can also be a plan drawn according to the dimensions and shape of the desired floral arrangement.

The arrangement should look good and be well-constructed. It’s stability is determined by its form and color. Symmetrical Balance is one type of assortment that many flower designs revolve around. Asymmetrical Balance is another.

SymmetricalAims to use the same shape, color and size of flowers at each end of an arrangement to maintain balance both visually and in terms weight.

Asymmetrical uses the color to create an appearance that is equal in weight. As an example, darker flowers look heavier while lighter flowers are more spreadable. Therefore, less dark colored flowers will be used and more light colors are used for the upper and outer parts of the arrangement.

* Scale

It is dependent on the container where the arrangement will be kept. The shape and dimensions of the container determine the flower and other component selections.


It should direct our attention from the beginning of a flower arrangement to its end. This is where the music plays an important part. It should be designed so that the main preparation line can be understood and followed in a musical way.

Focal Point

The focal points are the middle portion of an arrangement that seems to be expanding. This focal point seems to be where all of the other parts are emerging. Therefore, it is important to place the darker and larger flowers in the centre and add the longer ones towards the ends.


The arrangement of the flowers should be harmonious with the occasion. Red flowers and bright colors are great for a wedding. While pastels and subtle colours work well for an afternoon brunch, an arrangement with delicate and pastel flowers is best. Also, the containers must be considered while maintaining harmony. The containers and flowers must contrast so they don’t get mixed-up.

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