Sex offender accused of violating registry laws

A violent sex offender has been charged with violating the state sex offender registry law for allegedly moving to a residence on Main Street in downtown Morristown without notifying law enforcement officials.

Jamie M. Amerson, 37, reported he was homeless the last time he registered with the Morristown Police Department, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Amerson was 25 years old in 2005 and living in Florida when he was convicted of the statutory rape of a girl between the ages of 12 and 15. He was also convicted of sexual battery in Florida in 2017, according to the TBI.

This morning, Amerson remained in the Hamblen County Jail in lieu of $75,000 bond.

Jefferson County woman gets 175 months in federal prison

A Jefferson County woman who became entangled in a Strawberry Plains-based crystal-meth conspiracy has been sentenced to 175 months in federal prison, 65 months fewer than the 20-year minimum-mandatory prison term term specified in her plea agreement, according to court documents.

The prosecution and defense sentencing memorandums in the prosecution of Meliah Slone were filed under seal, but her plea agreement indicates she gave up her primary supplier, a 51-year-old man named Billy R. Buchanan Sr., the No. 5 defendant in the 21-defendant conspiracy.

Stone bought from Buchanan until he was arrested. She then bought meth in ounce and half-ouncc quantities from a dealer who was not indicted in this case, according to her plea agreement. She agreed to cooperate with law enforcement officials in December 2016 after she was arrested at the Jefferson City apartment of Seth Walker, her main customer and codefendant.

Rogersville woman accused of setting sister’s porch on fire

A Rogersville woman accused of setting her sister’s porch on fire was arrested Saturday after she became belligerent and assaulted a Hawkins County deputy, according to an arrest report.

Brenda Kate Burchett, 67, faces charges of assault on an officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest, violation of order of protection and disorderly conduct, the report states.

The sister first reported to authorities that she arrived at her home on Highway 70 North on Thursday and found her front porch on fire. The sister told a deputy she had an ongoing dispute with Burchett and suspected her.

The situation escalated on Saturday night when Hawkins County deputies were again dispatched to the sister’s residence when she said Burchett was at her home. The woman had an order of protection on Burchett.

The arrest report said Burchett started screaming and cursing her sister and after a deputy told her to stop, she entered Burchett’s home.

The deputy went inside to arrest her and she kicked the deputy twice in the upper thigh.

The deputy then fired a stun gun into her twice to subdue her.

Burchett is now awaiting arraignment at the Hawkins Couny jail.

Newport Utilities to conduct study on sanitary sewer system

Newport Utilities says it will conduct a sanitary sewer evaluation study of the area around the City Park and Northwest. As part of the project, smoke testing will be performed on the gravity sewer lines in the area beginning today and continuing through Thursday. Smoke test surveys will assist inspection crews in locating breaks and defects in the sewer system which allows unwanted rain and groundwater to enter the system.

To perform the survey, smoke will be introduced into a manhole and forced down the sewer lines with the use of an air blower. Residents are advised that smoke can enter homes, offices, or places of business. Smoke will escape from the system at any point where there is a break in the line. In aqddition, smoke may rise from the ground in yards, stream banks, storm drains, etc. Smoke will also escape from manhole lids, vents on building roofs, cleanouts, and from underneath buildings if poor plumbing exists.

The smoke used in this testing is non-toxic, non-staining and creates no fire hazard. It does however have a slight odor, and is white or gray.

Residents are advised to pour a gallon of water into every sink, tub, and floor drain that is not used every day. The procedure will fill plumbing traps and prevent smoke from entering the building. Customers need not be on site during the testing.

High school student set to graduate drowns in Stones River

Media outlets report that Nashville police officials said a young man was swimming at Percy Priest Dam on the Stones River in north central Tennessee on Friday night when he drowned. Rescue crews searched the water for hours before recovering the body.

Cherita Okoro, the mother of 19-year-old Corey Polk, said her son lost his footing while climbing rocks above the water with his brother. Okoro said her older son tried to rescue his brother but was unable to save him.

NASHVILLE (AP) — An analysis has found Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services investigated 647 allegations of child abuse or neglect involving students at more than 460 schools during a recent 20-month period.

Data obtained by USA Today’s Tennessee Network showed DCS investigated claims at both public and private schools serving 74 of 95 Tennessee counties between January 2016 and August 2017. The agency did not provide investigations’ outcomes. The data indicates DCS investigated 373 allegations of physical abuse, 130 allegations of sexual abuse or exploitation, 97 allegations of children lacking supervision and 33 allegations of psychological abuse.

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